Sunday, 6 May 2012

Tour Day 6 - London (Cardiology Dept)

"Two beers at once, it's the future boys" Camden market is a place We would never tire of, and today was no exception what with the vintage market in full swing and samples of every type of food on each corner, it's a haven for any low budget musician. We arrived with a bit of time to spare to get a feel for the place and the repetitve humm of hungry shoppers and music lovers. Being part of Proud Galleries Spring Festival was the perfect setting for our last outing on the 'Versus' Tour. We were part of a 3 day folk/blues/indie extravaganza set over a three day period in The Stables, a literal horse stable converted into maybe the coolest place on Earth. There was a certain amount of sadness attached to this gig, with it being the last of our Tour, but in true 'proud male' fashion it was never discussed. Our travel-battered bodies took to the stage one last time, under two spot lights and no was perfect. We played an hour, in old traditional Versus style to a hundred strong folk, who seemed to be more than willing to stick with us through each number, we were grateful as always throughout the string of gigs with the amount of patience people treated us with. In a city buzzing with FA Cup fever, this place seemed almost a million miles away. In saying that, we spent the a few hours getting into the spirit of things, shouting various football quips like "come on ref!" and spending some time with new friends and super talents Day of the Rabblement and Richard Allen II and the totally mindblowing Fille De La Lunne. We spent the night with friends at an old abondoned hospital..totally legal and equally mental, it's the way things should end! Big shout out to Adam and Michael (Beastie Boys) for the hospitality (no pun intended) Also, a big mention to anyone that provided us with a venue, gave us opportunities, supported us, talked about us/for us, wished us well or came out to see us along this leg of gigs..although we're much less fresh faced as we were this time over a week ago, our memories are still good enough to remember each good deed. The rest of our thanks goes to Jason (Shan) for everything good about the whole thing We're gonna see y'all real soon Much love A&C

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