Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Tour Day 2 - Manchester (Night Cows)

"Dya wanna go on me yoyo?" We arrived in Manchester after a cruelly horrid (and unnecessarily early) journey that was worthy of all the nausia it caused. Bleary eyed, bone sore and exhausted as we were there was a natural excitement about arriving at our next destination and in a city clearly charged with an atmosphere (possibly by the big manchester darby, but we put it down to our arrival and upcoming evening gig...;). We sampled some of the areas finest sites and cocktails - big up The Font with their kind student prices and tasty beverages. The whole day was passng by much quicker than any of us had noticed and soon our gig at Trof would be upon us. We spent the duration of the afternoon and early evening challenging eachother to terrible games of pool (3 - 2 Jason) and chewing the fat with friends both old and new. We arrived at the venue just as the sun was putting its hat on for the night. The room was the perfect setting, like a warm cardigan, candle lit and full of patient and kind local people. The whole evening was extra special and not only have we to thank Guy for setting up the night, but also all the style people who made us feel so welcome over the period of time both on and off stage...It was really cool to chat to Krazy Horse, a legend who treated us with his history of stories that have kept him on the road for the past 30 years, real treat. Long into the night we sat in a beer soaked conversation with our two Swedish roomies about tattoos, Leonard Cohen and their undying love for Manchester City (blue moon...) Here's to the boys, we'll raise our glasses once we finish this never ending trip to the next port of call Bristol... Here's to the good times A & C

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