Thursday, 3 May 2012

Tour Day 4 - Southampton (Star Wars)

"Jabba the Hutt was just a lad in a furry coat" We stepped off the train in Southampton in typical very lost fashion, in a never ending quest for wi-fi that's becoming a general theme of the tour. We spent the next hour or so juggling coffee cups on an unhealthily crooked table and trying to make head or tail of our next impending move...on a side note we spotted Brian Connelly (boyhood hero aka Dangerous Brian). Our caffeine fueled bodies took a trip townward and catching up with good friend and down-right gentleman Jimmie who took care of us for the evening. The fun really started when we got a personal tour of Jimmie's studio, loaded to the teeth with guitars that unknowing to them at the time, were to be musically abused well into the very small hours (poor souls). We sampled the local scene before making our way to the venue for our evening show. The Hobbit is like no other place we've been to, even as Harry Potter sympathisers this was an impressive spot, boasting a menu full of Lord of the Rings goodness (though I never knew a 'Frodo' was made with WKD)it didnt stopnus getting into the spirit of things. The downstairs venue was small, sweaty and exactly what we needed for what ended up being one of the most intimate sets of the tour to date. We must pay homage and big love to Jay for giving us a free reign of the stage. The duration of the night was a beer soaked jazz fest. The house band were achingly good, the people were entirely sold and we were happy to be in amongst all the happy bodies. We managed to escape the night with guitars in hand and The Nazgul safely out of sight. 100 million thanks again to Jimmie, you sci-fi & 80s movie lovin beautiful being ("waiting around for somebody to die") Now to London and the big noise A & C

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