Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Tour Day 3 - Bristol (Pillow Thief)

"Who's been sleeping in my bed?" For approximately 5 hours it rained.  On the plus side we got front seats at the top of the double decker bus & sat right beside a human disco. Strange good luck has been following us on this tour, and showed up again as we stepped onto Bristol pavement, the rainclouds were annihilated by lasers of sunshine and it was hot as frig. After eggs, flicking through some hipster magazine full of bands that don't exist and getting settled in our aztec-like place of stay, we ventured out, checked out some of Banksy's work and made our way to The Canteen to get a general feel for the place and chatted to some good people.  Mushroom risotto filled our bellies and the bohemians around us were already getting their places set for the evenings show. The super sweet and talented Rebecca Clements kicked off the night alternating between her guitar and piano with her gorgeous original songs ("dealing my heart like a pack of cards") and a rad version of 'Creep'. We played for 90 minutes, on stage at the same time in good old VS style, trading songs and quips, with a bit of front row banter. The people were just as friendly and warm as our previous nights so we hung around for a bit beyond closing time...damn we're making new friends. We had a lovely time.  Southampton next.  C & A xo P.S. high commissioner - we hate you  

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