Friday, 20 May 2011


Dear bloggers,
I'm sittin down here with an empty mug and scribbled notes on my left, to my right two wore out pens, a saucer with crumbs and the Jim Dodge novel, Fup..a class little book ideal for any aspiring nighthawk.
Anyway, while I was searching through different things I stumbled across this and well, why not share it is the eve of the weekend as we know it..

God Bless The Young

God bless the young, they carry the debts of the past
And a light for the future that is carefully passed into their unwrinkled hands
Not tainted by the strain of work
God bless them all

God bless the young, theirs are the golden years
Theirs are the recession years
May the many travelled and potholed road lead them skilfully into uncertainty.
Uncertainty of war, of food, of love
God bless every one

God bless the young, and their smile is a lantern
To watch them play freely on some others borrowed land,
on some others borrowed time
and united close their eyes and dream a young dream
that can never be harmed/touched/understood
God bless that sleep

God bless the young for it's something often forgotten
and seldom held onto
In a world of bottle chasers and heart killers, they are the chosen few
It's their right to be protected
and to stay young

God bless the young
all arms reaching, all tongues lashing, all blood flowing
More alive than the dawn

C (zzzzz...)

Monday, 16 May 2011

New EP available for FREE download

Hey y'all.  The new EP "You Will Be A Stranger Now" is finally here and available for free download at Bandcamp!  All we ask for in return is for you to like this post and share it with your friends on your social network / blog of choice to help spread the good word!  Enjoy!  Just follow this LINK to download!

Monday, 9 May 2011

The Great Parade

For old friends...

People behold! The Great Parade
in all its naked wonder
To cast all stones/phones/creaking bones
and fling all limbs to the sky and those below to the mighty earth
Even the gods will lament when The Great Parade comes to pass.
And we watch all knowing, all beating brilliant bodies,
with lips smacking and brows relaxed
all one to the sights and sounds.
Behold, the awful truth that's left in its wake
and all who choose to ignore it
ignore the wind, ignore the rain, the flashing and the crashing luminous glow,
ignore, if you can
for The Great Parade stops for nothing
not for the headscratchers or armfolders, for the can't/won't understanders;
you lay in its wake.
And we dance the great dance and merry along the strange skin
for we are great and our parade will continue
long into the night....


Sunday, 8 May 2011

pssssst....looky here

In celebration of the official world wide web release of 'You Will Be A Stranger Now' there's a shneaky peak on my Facebook page for all you hip kids out there...follow the link good people!/pages/Ciaran-Lavery/117540161661939


Wednesday, 4 May 2011

You Will Be A Stranger Now...background

Since the release of the short-record 'You Will Be A Stranger Now' is fast approaching I thought it would be a fitting gesture to give some background to the recording itself. 

The entirety was recorded with The Badhearts, who I owe a great deal to..Paul Wilkinson and Edelle McMahon.

The whole thing was recorded in a matter of weeks over the bitter cold winter period, in Paul's pretty remote country hindesight a perfect setting for what we were trying to achieve, which in truth we didn't realise until the sessions were coming together, only that we wanted the record to retain an organic personality.  For that reason, much of the recording was one or two takes with a disregard for blemishes. 

Time between recording was spent listening to old L.P's on the record player or out in the garden throwing stick with Rudey the house dog (love you Rudey). 

Within a short space of time we had what you will hear in its fullness, its sincerity and its the words of Bukowski "you have to die a few times before you can really live"


Monday, 2 May 2011

I was taken by Ciaran's voice - battered, winsome and tender. Hank Williams once said that "you got to have smelt a lot of mule manure before you can sing like a hillbilly" and I wonder what was in the air when this young guy from Lurgan got his style together.  Stuart Bailie, BBC

Ciaran Lavery, the voice at the front of Irish folk-rock act Captain Kennedy, is set to release his debut solo EP “You Will Be A Stranger now” in May 2011.  The EP, available for download on Bandcamp, represents a significant departure from the upbeat, melodic songs that Captain Kennedy are renowned for.  This material is dark and raw with a poignancy that will touch your very core.  
Possessing something of a strained and impassioned rasp of a voice, Lavery relies less on traditional verse-chorus-verse structures and more on lyrical content, both poetic and sad.  His voice, laced with emotion, will instantly demand your attention.  Indeed, sounding more like someone with the fully formed soul of a life well-lived, it is hard to believe that Lavery is still in his early 20’s.      

There's the occasional banjo, slide acoustic, harmonica and solemn female backing vocals but effectively that's it.  Lavery’s richly textured voice is the main instrument on this collection of songs. 

To coincide with the release, a new website has been set up at