Friday, 20 May 2011


Dear bloggers,
I'm sittin down here with an empty mug and scribbled notes on my left, to my right two wore out pens, a saucer with crumbs and the Jim Dodge novel, Fup..a class little book ideal for any aspiring nighthawk.
Anyway, while I was searching through different things I stumbled across this and well, why not share it is the eve of the weekend as we know it..

God Bless The Young

God bless the young, they carry the debts of the past
And a light for the future that is carefully passed into their unwrinkled hands
Not tainted by the strain of work
God bless them all

God bless the young, theirs are the golden years
Theirs are the recession years
May the many travelled and potholed road lead them skilfully into uncertainty.
Uncertainty of war, of food, of love
God bless every one

God bless the young, and their smile is a lantern
To watch them play freely on some others borrowed land,
on some others borrowed time
and united close their eyes and dream a young dream
that can never be harmed/touched/understood
God bless that sleep

God bless the young for it's something often forgotten
and seldom held onto
In a world of bottle chasers and heart killers, they are the chosen few
It's their right to be protected
and to stay young

God bless the young
all arms reaching, all tongues lashing, all blood flowing
More alive than the dawn

C (zzzzz...)

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