Monday, 9 May 2011

The Great Parade

For old friends...

People behold! The Great Parade
in all its naked wonder
To cast all stones/phones/creaking bones
and fling all limbs to the sky and those below to the mighty earth
Even the gods will lament when The Great Parade comes to pass.
And we watch all knowing, all beating brilliant bodies,
with lips smacking and brows relaxed
all one to the sights and sounds.
Behold, the awful truth that's left in its wake
and all who choose to ignore it
ignore the wind, ignore the rain, the flashing and the crashing luminous glow,
ignore, if you can
for The Great Parade stops for nothing
not for the headscratchers or armfolders, for the can't/won't understanders;
you lay in its wake.
And we dance the great dance and merry along the strange skin
for we are great and our parade will continue
long into the night....


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