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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Giggidy Giggidy...

Hey y'all

Just a quick update on a few upcoming shows I have in the next few weeks

Real excited to play alongside the super talented Aaron Shanley and on the same bill as Ben Glover.  I've been a big fan of Ben's for a few years now so it's going to be a real treat to finally get sharing the stage with him at the Listening Post, Coleraine (probably my favourite place in the world - apart from my home) every time I get to play up there it's like meeting up with childhood friends.

A week later I'm playing as part of a Public Sector Records extravaganza - another personal class night for me, getting to finally play alongside and watch the mighty Pat Dam Smyth and Malojian....we're all going to be loaded with a backing band this should be a really good night, looking forward to the hometown banter

Another show just confirmed today is the launch of Cedric Has A Name's brand spanking new EP.  This is going to be a super cool night as its in Catalyst Arts (a new venue for me) and Best Boy Grip will also be performing and I'm a big fan of both these lads sounds.

Hopefully see y'all sometime down the line
Til then..

Monday, 7 May 2012

The Ruby Sessions - Radio Stream

Listen to tracks recorded live on Tuesday, April 24th from The Ruby Sessions, Dublin
The show is streaming live on RTE 2XM that can be accessed through the RTE Radio Player or follow below link to get direct
Enjoy :)

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Tour Day 6 - London (Cardiology Dept)

"Two beers at once, it's the future boys" Camden market is a place We would never tire of, and today was no exception what with the vintage market in full swing and samples of every type of food on each corner, it's a haven for any low budget musician. We arrived with a bit of time to spare to get a feel for the place and the repetitve humm of hungry shoppers and music lovers. Being part of Proud Galleries Spring Festival was the perfect setting for our last outing on the 'Versus' Tour. We were part of a 3 day folk/blues/indie extravaganza set over a three day period in The Stables, a literal horse stable converted into maybe the coolest place on Earth. There was a certain amount of sadness attached to this gig, with it being the last of our Tour, but in true 'proud male' fashion it was never discussed. Our travel-battered bodies took to the stage one last time, under two spot lights and no was perfect. We played an hour, in old traditional Versus style to a hundred strong folk, who seemed to be more than willing to stick with us through each number, we were grateful as always throughout the string of gigs with the amount of patience people treated us with. In a city buzzing with FA Cup fever, this place seemed almost a million miles away. In saying that, we spent the a few hours getting into the spirit of things, shouting various football quips like "come on ref!" and spending some time with new friends and super talents Day of the Rabblement and Richard Allen II and the totally mindblowing Fille De La Lunne. We spent the night with friends at an old abondoned hospital..totally legal and equally mental, it's the way things should end! Big shout out to Adam and Michael (Beastie Boys) for the hospitality (no pun intended) Also, a big mention to anyone that provided us with a venue, gave us opportunities, supported us, talked about us/for us, wished us well or came out to see us along this leg of gigs..although we're much less fresh faced as we were this time over a week ago, our memories are still good enough to remember each good deed. The rest of our thanks goes to Jason (Shan) for everything good about the whole thing We're gonna see y'all real soon Much love A&C

Friday, 4 May 2012

Tour Day 5 - London (Dry Shampoo)

"This feels more like a ginger conference" Weary as hell from a bumpy bus ride and with the previous nights happenings of Southampton buzzing in our ears, London hit us like a brick. We clambered around Victoria, seeking shelter in a cosy little nook to get our bearings on a city awake long before we were. The next hour or so was made up of head scratching, map reading and tube hopping (with guitars in tow) we were every other travellers worst nightmare, using our cases like light sabers (there are only so many times you can apologise). A few hours later we were upon our next venue, The Regal Room in The Distillers. The whole lo fi atmosphere was perfect, dimly lit with a stage armed to the teeth of acoustic goodness. We agreed our luck had changed for the day, cemented by the £1 coffee a stones throw away from the venue (gold mine). Caffeine fueled we took to the stage, sandwiched between a number of fantastic acts and just down right good people ( Rosie for piano slammin greatness and Erin. Because of the reputation of the Regal Room the crowd were like mannequins during sets (only much more friendlier) so quiet you could literally hear people smile. We must give our big love to Finn, chief organiser of all things beautiful about the evening and Dale, soundman and sound man. We returned to our place of slumber to find the whole place in full swing. It's the strangest thing - one minute you're playing an old wooden guitar in a candle lit room and the next you're surrounded by flashing neon lights with David Guetta buzzing in the ears...It is however, a fitting end to our first of two gigs in the big bad city. Much bedhead to follow the next few days, Proud Galleries Camden is our next and final stop A & C x

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Regal Room live stream

Regal Room, London live stream

Follow the above link to watch tonights show live at The Regal Room, London C

Tour Day 4 - Southampton (Star Wars)

"Jabba the Hutt was just a lad in a furry coat" We stepped off the train in Southampton in typical very lost fashion, in a never ending quest for wi-fi that's becoming a general theme of the tour. We spent the next hour or so juggling coffee cups on an unhealthily crooked table and trying to make head or tail of our next impending move...on a side note we spotted Brian Connelly (boyhood hero aka Dangerous Brian). Our caffeine fueled bodies took a trip townward and catching up with good friend and down-right gentleman Jimmie who took care of us for the evening. The fun really started when we got a personal tour of Jimmie's studio, loaded to the teeth with guitars that unknowing to them at the time, were to be musically abused well into the very small hours (poor souls). We sampled the local scene before making our way to the venue for our evening show. The Hobbit is like no other place we've been to, even as Harry Potter sympathisers this was an impressive spot, boasting a menu full of Lord of the Rings goodness (though I never knew a 'Frodo' was made with WKD)it didnt stopnus getting into the spirit of things. The downstairs venue was small, sweaty and exactly what we needed for what ended up being one of the most intimate sets of the tour to date. We must pay homage and big love to Jay for giving us a free reign of the stage. The duration of the night was a beer soaked jazz fest. The house band were achingly good, the people were entirely sold and we were happy to be in amongst all the happy bodies. We managed to escape the night with guitars in hand and The Nazgul safely out of sight. 100 million thanks again to Jimmie, you sci-fi & 80s movie lovin beautiful being ("waiting around for somebody to die") Now to London and the big noise A & C

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Tour Day 3 - Bristol (Pillow Thief)

"Who's been sleeping in my bed?" For approximately 5 hours it rained.  On the plus side we got front seats at the top of the double decker bus & sat right beside a human disco. Strange good luck has been following us on this tour, and showed up again as we stepped onto Bristol pavement, the rainclouds were annihilated by lasers of sunshine and it was hot as frig. After eggs, flicking through some hipster magazine full of bands that don't exist and getting settled in our aztec-like place of stay, we ventured out, checked out some of Banksy's work and made our way to The Canteen to get a general feel for the place and chatted to some good people.  Mushroom risotto filled our bellies and the bohemians around us were already getting their places set for the evenings show. The super sweet and talented Rebecca Clements kicked off the night alternating between her guitar and piano with her gorgeous original songs ("dealing my heart like a pack of cards") and a rad version of 'Creep'. We played for 90 minutes, on stage at the same time in good old VS style, trading songs and quips, with a bit of front row banter. The people were just as friendly and warm as our previous nights so we hung around for a bit beyond closing time...damn we're making new friends. We had a lovely time.  Southampton next.  C & A xo P.S. high commissioner - we hate you  

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Tour Day 2 - Manchester (Night Cows)

"Dya wanna go on me yoyo?" We arrived in Manchester after a cruelly horrid (and unnecessarily early) journey that was worthy of all the nausia it caused. Bleary eyed, bone sore and exhausted as we were there was a natural excitement about arriving at our next destination and in a city clearly charged with an atmosphere (possibly by the big manchester darby, but we put it down to our arrival and upcoming evening gig...;). We sampled some of the areas finest sites and cocktails - big up The Font with their kind student prices and tasty beverages. The whole day was passng by much quicker than any of us had noticed and soon our gig at Trof would be upon us. We spent the duration of the afternoon and early evening challenging eachother to terrible games of pool (3 - 2 Jason) and chewing the fat with friends both old and new. We arrived at the venue just as the sun was putting its hat on for the night. The room was the perfect setting, like a warm cardigan, candle lit and full of patient and kind local people. The whole evening was extra special and not only have we to thank Guy for setting up the night, but also all the style people who made us feel so welcome over the period of time both on and off stage...It was really cool to chat to Krazy Horse, a legend who treated us with his history of stories that have kept him on the road for the past 30 years, real treat. Long into the night we sat in a beer soaked conversation with our two Swedish roomies about tattoos, Leonard Cohen and their undying love for Manchester City (blue moon...) Here's to the boys, we'll raise our glasses once we finish this never ending trip to the next port of call Bristol... Here's to the good times A & C

Monday, 30 April 2012

Tour Day 1 - Edinburgh (Sea Ghosts)

"here, do you guys BMX" said the the football loving shoe-less munchkin on ths stena line service out of belfast, this was just one of the stranger moments of a journey that took 9 hours over sea and road and ended up in stunning, vampire-esque edinburgh where steps were invented and it's ever so cold. beautiful though. after a few hours of calf-burning hill climbing we invested our time in some DIY sight seeing including maybe the best castle ever invented (even beating walt disney's hands down)we headed to Malone's for soundcheck. after a few minutes of terror, techinical horrors etc, things fell into place and we played for 2 hours to a very lovely bunch of people. we both tried out some brand new tunes which was a real blast and it was really cool that so many people hung out for a chat with us after the gig. all round great night. Big shout out to Keith and Dave (saviour). Time for sleep now...a whole 3 hrs and then back on the road. next stop is manchester. can't wait :) A & C xo

Saturday, 28 April 2012

UK Tour - Prelim/Intro/Somethin...

I've been pretty damn unreliable on the old updates from my beloved namesake site but this upcoming week is sure to be much more of a busier affair, I've promised myself look forward to the UK Tour diary as presented and lived by myself and Aaron Shanley (fellow wooden guitar warrior) and our head of business Jason (all round nice guy).
There'll be pics and blogging at a fierce level to keep y'all on the cusp of everything going down through our busy week of travelling, meeting new friends and playing some very sad songs, starting tomorrow bright and early to the lovely Edinburgh, and Malone's at 10pm

Hope you enjoy the read prior to each entry
Much love and good thoughts xo

UK Tour:
29th April - Malones, Edinburgh
30th April - Trof, Manchester
1st May - The Canteen, Bristol
2nd May - The Hobbit, Southampton
3rd May - The Regal Rooms, London
5th May - Proud, London

Friday, 23 March 2012

Video Games - Black Box, 22.3.12

Part of last nights set was recorded by the wonderfully talented Paul McParland of
Here, in all its glory, is my version of Lana Del Ray's Video Games recorded at the Black Box Green Room
I'm a big fan of her stuff, her album lives in my car, so I hope this wasn't fucked :)
PS. be sure to check out some more of Paul's stuff on his site, the man is a visual Steve Jobs

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Monday, 12 March 2012

Public Sector Records

Dead excited and totally psyched to be attached to great new label Public Sector Records, joining the serious amount of talent that already have a home at PS Records including Malojian, Pat Dam Smyth and John McGurgan to name a few...if you don't believe me read what the people of AU Magazine had to say in a recent interview with the Public Sector Brainchild of Barrett Lahey and Stevie Scullion (of Malojian) Page 16

Multiplied my excitement with the chance to work with producer Barrett Lahey and members of the enigmatic 'Glue' session players on some brand new material, with a look toward a summer release :):):):) 

Here's all the info you need on Public Sector Records, including the roster and what all the fuss is about



Draperstown, Review

Here's the extra cool review from the good people at Alternative Ulster from the weekend's musical goodness in The Cellar Bar, Draperstown

 Captain Kennedy vocalist Ciaran Lavery delivers a first-rate acoustic performance in the Front Bar. With an instantly ineffable quality that can’t be readily reduced to comparison, tracks such as ‘Til’ You’re Leaving’ – written about a lovely girl from Draperstown – and a beautifully-worked cover of Lana Del Rey’s ‘Video Games’ sees harmonic shifts and delicately distinctive vocals expose unmistakable originality. Lavery is, by some distance, the most accomplished acoustic performer over both days.

Monday, 6 February 2012


Here's a short illustrative piece from the wonderful peeps at AU Magazine on next weekend's weekend in The Cellar Bar, Draperstown 17th Feb


Thursday, 26 January 2012


It's been a quiet few weeks of 2k12..but things are about to pick up double quick time i tells ye!!  After a great end of 2011 with an Irish Tour alongside Aaron Shanley, this years gigs kick off with an appearance at the Lagan Sessions on February 5th.

In the last week I was added to the impressive roster at Public Sector Records..which you can see in full at the site  It's class to be sitting alongside other great artists like Malojian and Pat Dam Smyth

It's going to be great to get back on to the stage again after almost two months away, and with some other plans in place for the next few months, including some more live shows around the country and elsewhere, here's hoping this year to be a busy one..

All plans will be unveiled in the next few weeks