Wednesday, 4 May 2011

You Will Be A Stranger Now...background

Since the release of the short-record 'You Will Be A Stranger Now' is fast approaching I thought it would be a fitting gesture to give some background to the recording itself. 

The entirety was recorded with The Badhearts, who I owe a great deal to..Paul Wilkinson and Edelle McMahon.

The whole thing was recorded in a matter of weeks over the bitter cold winter period, in Paul's pretty remote country hindesight a perfect setting for what we were trying to achieve, which in truth we didn't realise until the sessions were coming together, only that we wanted the record to retain an organic personality.  For that reason, much of the recording was one or two takes with a disregard for blemishes. 

Time between recording was spent listening to old L.P's on the record player or out in the garden throwing stick with Rudey the house dog (love you Rudey). 

Within a short space of time we had what you will hear in its fullness, its sincerity and its the words of Bukowski "you have to die a few times before you can really live"


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