Thursday, 8 December 2011

Aaron Shanley VS Ciaran Lavery - Tour Day 5 (Junkies)

Our short trip between Dundalk and Dublin was beautiful and pretty to say the least.  We drove to Howth to park the car – the most gorgeous place we’ve probably ever seen.  After hanging around and looking at the boats for a while we took the train into Dublin to get on with it.

We left our shit inside and went out onto the street for a smoke where we watched three junkies doing their thing…two dudes and one girl with chlamydia lips and stitches in their faces.  They approached us and tried to sell us crack…we said we were quite alright and then the girl stole my cigarette out of my mouth.  We lived to tell the tale.

Anyway.  Rua Unplugged upstairs in Anseo was awesome.  A lovely little room.  Niall McGarty and Leanne Harte (with Bob) were amazing.  Such stunning tunes.
We played 100% unplugged which was a real trip & Ciaran busted out his beautiful sweet cover of ‘We Found Love’ (which for the record is the best version ever).  Such a fun night!

A&C x

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