Thursday, 20 October 2011

Moving With The Times

Just a short message to let everyone know that indeed the times have caught up with us, long gone are the days of hard copies of albums/e.p's being the norm...although I am deeply sad at this fact, such is the day and age that even Bob Dylan is moving with the times...
To The Maker of Things gets its official release to the world wide web via iTunes (with a really bad ass parental advisory sticker) follow the link....

The e.p also got its very first review from the very god people at The Big List, free entertainment mag kicking around Belfast and nearby.  To read this 4 Star review (awesome) you can do so at the above blog entry :)

In closing, November is starting to shape up like a busy month, with some new gigs announced and some more on the way hopefully I will get to meet some new happy faces along the way


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