Saturday, 17 September 2011

Where were we?

The last month or so has been that of a pretty busy one.  With both the handful of gigs including the always joyous return visit to the Listening Post, Keith and Pete, my first show on stage with The Badhearts Paul and Ed, a new video for I Lost with Paul McParland (whom I owe many bags of gold) and a return to the home studio to start a new session and with it a new chapter, things are nice at the moment.  Alongside everything else, the band (Captain Kennedy)  have been getting back into the swing of things and the anchor has been lifted, so to speak.

I've spent the last while between times writing more songs, I guess mainly from the people ive managed to meet in the last while, and my recent thoughts of a few pals over in San Fran no doubt toasting to the good life (go on lads!)...but where I'm at is a nice place to be right now.

So marks the start of a new chapter, new stranger recording that have already taken brave new risks and a sound that's like the forgotten sibling of the previous sessions (we like), more gigs and new places with new and great's gonna be an interesting time...

In the words of Fionn Regan "it starts with a kick..."


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