Saturday, 6 August 2011


I was one of a lucky bunch who got to play the Forfey Festival today alongside my fellow Captain Kennedy's/Kennedetes and I must admit, it was one of those rare occasions where you feel that you're part of somethin very special that's goin' on.  Personally, I'm not a festival go-er.  Maybe it's watching the Woodstock dvd one two many times, but I've always had that fear that I would just be bitterly disappointed at what should be a gargantuin musical explosion but instead leaves me feeling cold with a runny nose and a bad bad hangover.  Today, however, my faith was restored.  From the old shacks and haysheds to the super snug acoustic area (where everyone was compelled to take the shoes off) I looked around and thought 'now this is a festival I could get used to.'  It was just at the right pace for a recently turned quarter of a century old man as myself (puff puff) and what I thought was impossible was realised in that, dare I say it, it was intimate.  It was like being invited to a big family reunion....i like!!!!

I will sleep well tonight knowing that you're never too old to be converted to festival livin and with my second E.P iminant and a return to the studio in the very near future, I have that to look forward to...til then I will be sure to keep tossin my thoughts out into the ether


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