Monday, 11 July 2011


So last weeks shows were a real treat, if anything surprisingly better than I thought they would be (I missed my Badhearts)..but I made it through with few scrapes and bruises and even learned a thing or two.  Acoustic shows are different and hard to know what to expect, so I did what any sane person would do in the situation and expected nothin, it was a WIN WIN scenario.  This is indeed my first expedition into the big bad world of hussly bussly coffee shops/cafes/cafe shops/other but ive been a long term admirer of that setting, so getting a microphone in my face and guitar in my lap was class. The Black Box Green Room gig was as nice as pie, as was the gig in Palomo. I'd like to thank anyone who came to see me, or stayed to watch, or stayed just that bit longer, or inedvertantly were part of the audience, or hated the whole experience, it takes all sorts in this crazy..crazy..crazy..crazy..nights............i mean, world.

I'm making a concsious decision to try to be updateable with the blog (and also to learn the spelling of the word 'concsious').  For some reason ive always been attracted to the mysterious side of communications, for years my mobile used to get me bogged down, and it STILL remains on silent. Whether its the thrill of a missed call or surprise text, or my general beef with ringtones, ill never know...

There is no other song to some up the past week of gigs than this....fight the good fight my friends


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